About this space

What can you expect here? A randomness that’s not to be confused with wandering.  A friend called me a random writer. “I like that” she said, as opposed to “reading about the same subject in a blog on each visit.”

I’ll contribute images and words along diverse paths – especially regarding the natural world and the world of women (women’s projects, women’s successes, women’s stories). Other content of passion and research are these – quotes I like, faith, civility, saving ancient trees, and music.

I’m arriving at the belief that music is clearer communication than words. I believe listening is at the heart of verbal communication – especially with God – and that it’s oh so baffling to put feelings into words. Consider this expression from the late poet John O’Donohue:

Music is what words want to be if they could.



2 Responses to About this space

  1. Nancy says:

    I like this quote: “Music is what feelings sound like.” ~ unknown author

  2. Margi Stephens says:

    I wish you’d blog more, I love the randomness, like sitting at a coffee shop talking. Where’d you go?

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